Heat Treatment Training Courses by Pye Metallurgical

Improving skill, efficiency and productivity of your manpower in heat treatment metallurgy through recognized quality training

Learn Heat Treatment from the Best in the Industry

The knowledge presented by Pye Metallurgical International Consulting as a heat-treatment education company is largely based on both personal background and experience in the field of metallurgical heat treatment of over 50 years globally. As such, our clients involved in heat-treatment processing, have benefited through our heat treatment training with a work force that is enhanced in skill, confidence, morale and competetive edge. They are rendered more capable in steering around the metallurgical pitfalls that are invariably presented along the way presenting higher productivity with better quality.

"Heat Treatment - Do it right first time, because the second time costs you your money!" - David Pye

Tailor-Made In-House Training Courses

Our heat treatment training courses are dedicated to a theoretical understanding, but with a practical application of the process and its results. Our educational courses can be presented live in your facility with your technicians, with your equipment, with your materials, as per your processing requirements, with solutions to your specific problems. The heat treatment courses can also be presented to multiple company groups.

About Our Online Heat Treatment Courses

Our heat treatment courses are also being presented online in co-operation with Mr Pankaj Deval of Nextgen Heat-Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. The online heat treatment courses include tests after each section, and trainees are awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course. Our certifications are gaining recognition within the heat treatment community as a standard for excellence in heat treatment training. Contact Mr Pankaj Deval at www.htcourses.com for more info. You can also send enquiries via email to [email protected] or call us at +91-8080803332 to seek details.

Heat Treatment Online Training Courses

Our Clients

Our clients form the cream from various industries like the aerospace, automotive, die casting/toolmaking and tool designing, forging industries apart from the heat-treatment furnace manufacturers, heat treatment service providers, heat-treatment educators - from across the globe.

Pye Metallurgical International Consulting has also had the privilege of presenting heat treatment lectures to Academia at Baumann State University, Moscow; Institute of Precision Mechanics, Warsaw Poland; Paper reviewer for Sheffield University for Phd Students; Princeton University USA; ASM Headquarters at Cleveland Ohio; NASA HQ at Houston, Texas USA; Akzo Nobel, Houston Texas; GE Aero Engines at Cincinnati Ohio USA; - and many others. A resume of our capabilities and our work with distinguished clients across the globe can be provided on request.

Some topics covered in our heat treatment courses

  • An introduction to the Principles of Heat-Treatment
  • Principles of Metallurgy on Aluminium and It's Heat-Treatment
  • Aluminium It's Metallurgy and Heat-Treatment
  • An introduction to tool steel heat-treatment and its selection
  • Surface treatments, including nitriding, ferritic nitro carburizing, carbo nitriding and carburizing
  • Aluminium and its Heat-Treatment
  • Plant Safety and equipment operation
  • An introduction to heat treatment inspection including metallographic interpretation
  • Brazing technology
  • Vacuum furnace heat treatment
  • Aluminium and it alloy Heat Treatment
  • Nitriding and Ferritic Nitro Carburizing
  • Vacuum furnace technology

Importance of the Right Heat Treatment Training?

While a machinist can see changes in the shape of the component being machined, as a heat treater, you are able to understand the changes that take place at the molecular level within a metal on application of suitable thermal or thermo-chemical process (thus altering key properties of the metal like hardness).

Heat treatment can literally make or break your product. It is also imperative that you get your heat treatment right the very first time, because a second time it costs your money. A sound knowledge of metallurgy and heat treatment gives you the ability to work around the numerous pitfalls you come across during heat treatment process, providing for superior quality and efficiency in processing the given material.

Heat treatment is also an ever changing field with new technologies making in roads to replace old ones. Regular heat treatment training has become an integral part of all businesses involved in manufacturing of engineering components requiring heat treatment. Pye Metallurgical International Consulting has the experience and proven track record to work with industry majors and train your heat treatment staff regardless of skill level as per your business requirements.