Industrial Heat-Treatment Furnaces + Metallurgical Laboratory Equipments

Plasma (Ion) Installation by Ionitech, Bulgaria

New & Used Heat-Treatment furnaces & Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment

Used Heat-Treatment Furnace

Pye Metallurgical International Consulting sources used Heat-Treatment Furnaces of various specifications chosen to suite your specific requirements and applications

To mention a few (but not limited to) -

  • Atmosphere heat-treatment furnaces – Batch and Continuous
  • Integral quench furnace equipment
  • Vacuum furnace equipment
  • Aluminium furnaces for Solutionizing and precipitation treatments
  • Tempering furnaces (batch and continuous)

We will also source your needs for used metallurgical laboratory equipment such as (but not limited to)

  • Micro hardness testers (10 gram to 1000 gram)
  • Macro hardness test units both analogue and digital
  • Metallurgical microscopes
  • Metallurgical sample preparation equipment (abrasive cut off units, hot mount presses, pre-grind and polishing systems microtomes, diamond cut off systems)

We are also able to source good used metallurgical laboratory equipment

  • Surface Equipment Furnaces
  • Gas Nitriding furnaces
  • Low Pressure gas nitriding furnaces
  • Pulsed Plasma Nitriding furnaces
  • Low pressure gaseous carburizing (also known as Vacuum Carburizing or VC Carburizing)
  • High Temperature, Low pressure carburizing furnaces with high pressure blended gas quenching systems