David Pye Has Authored Many Definitive
Books on Heat-Treatment

Nitriding and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (ASM International)

Being One of the foremost experts on the subject of Nitriding, David has provided the ultimate guide to get a good understanding of all aspects of Nitriding


Encyclopedia of Iron, Steel and their Alloys

Chapter titled 'A comparison of the Nitriding procedures (Gaseous, Salt and Plasma Assisted process techniques)'

Encyclopedia of Tribology

Chapter titled 'Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing'


Steel Heat Treatment Handbook

Two chapters 'Heat Treatment Equipment', 'Nitriding Techniques and Methods'

Some of Books & Publications by David Pye

David is the author of the highly acclaimed book on Nitriding - 'Practical Nitriding and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing.

His work is also published in more than 15 other books with chapters and many technical papers. He also writes a monthly technical article for the magazine 'Industrial Heating Magazine'. He has produced over hundred one hour online training programs for the Metal Treating Institute. Subjects include carburizing, nitriding, tool steel heat treatment furnace maintenance and many other heat treatment subjects.

Much awaited publications (in writing) include 'Carburizing and Carbo nitriding', 'Practical Tool Steel and it's Heat Treatment'. Apart from the mentions above David has made notable contributions in text-books:

  • Paper in ET 92 Proceedings
  • Paper in Aluminum 2000 Proceedings
  • Paper in ASM First Proceedings of European Conference 1991 The future of heat treatment processing
  • Chapter in Surface Modification IV on Ion Nitriding
  • Two papers in ASM Proceedings, Heat Treating Equipment
  • Three papers in ASM Proceedings, Nitriding and Carburizing, 1995
  • Two papers on Nitriding in proceedings for ET 96 (Extrusion Technology)
  • Paper in Aluminum 2001 Proceedings
  • Chapter in The Steel Heat Treatment Handbook edited by Drs. Totten and Howes on Nitriding
  • Second revision of The Steel Heat Treatment Handbook chapters published 2006
  • Chapter co-author in The Steel Heat Treatment Handbook edited by Drs. Totten and Howes, Furnace design, plus full chapter on Nitriding Process Technology
  • Development of Online Brazing course for ASM International, released in March 2003
  • Furnace design chapter in Smithalls Handbook of Metallurgy
  • Wrote for ASM , educational courses Practical Heat Treatment of Steel and Practical Heat Treatment of Aluminum, Practical Induction Heat Treatment
  • 105 Power and online video Presentations on Heat Treatment subjects for Metal Treating Institute
  • ASM Online 'An introduction to Brazing Technology
  • ASM Home study course Furnace Maintenance
  • Writer for Industrial Heating Magazine
  • Featured on Seminars by Satellite Video(ASM)( Understanding carburizing)
  • Featured on Seminars by Satellite Video (ASM)( Understanding Quenching)
  • Featured on Seminars by Satellite Video(ASM)( Understanding Hardness testing)