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Preferential System for atmosphere generation - Endothermic Gas Generation Or Nitrogen Methanol

If it is a new startup heat treatment operation, then one has a choice of route to follow for the most economic and consistent gas chemistry

The factors that will influence micro-cracking in carburized steel cases

The internal micro cracking that is likely to develop in the plate martensite, is as a result of the compromising atmosphere gaseous diffusion into the surface of the steel, and is strongly influenced by the steel analysis, and the atmosphere, and potential

Vacuum degassing of steel

Any steel will contain some minute impurities when being made. Particularly sulfur can be a troublesome impurity. Especially when there is a high manganese content present in the steel.

Atmosphere Carburizing Control Using Shim Analysis

The procedure of shim testing is accomplished by using low carbon steel shim with a known carbon content and known weight followed by inserting the shim into the furnace atmosphere.

A review of the process of Nitriding including Gaseous and Plasma Nitriding

The principle of the process is based on the simple premise of the limits of solubility of nitrogen in iron at low temperatures by reacting with alloying elements in the steel chemistry. In other words, nitrogen will diffuse in the iron or steel very easily with the application of heat and will interact with the some of the alloying elements.