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Strengthening Your Heat Treatment Credentials through the Right Training

Learn from David Pye, a metallurgist, heat-treatment expert with more than 50 years experience in the industry, author of many authoritative books, papers on various topics in heat-treatment

Learn various types heat treatment processes, and their application to various metals including different steels, alluminium, copper, etc.,

Learn Quality Management during heat treatment process as per the most stringent requirements of specialized industries such as aerospace and defence

Learn about various heat treatment furnaces including vacuum furnace and various metal testing laboratory equipment

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Expert consultation in heat-treatment processes, furnace manufacturing, project management

  • Consult with David Pye, a globally recognized metallurgist, heat treatment expert, technical writer
  • Project Management & Market studies for heat treatment plants
  • Manufacturing methods and material selection in relation to heat treatment
  • Metallurgical process trouble shooting (Failure analysis) and heat treatment process optimization
  • Expert Metallurgical witness/testimony services